About LIM Technologies

Our goal is to communicate is an environment that is modern, secure, private, user friendly, efficient and intelligent. We could not find an option available, so we created one. First, we will discuss the previous mediums used to communicate and why we believe they are no longer up to our standards for certain communications. Please note, e-mail is still acceptable means of communication for certain messages, but we believe many messages require a higher standard of communication.

Our mission

Lear Investment Management deeply values relationships. A key component to a successful relationship is communication. While investment management and research remain our #1 mandate, we take great pride in empowering those in our community with knowledge and power.

As such, we are excited to announce a new brand of communication created and developed by LIM Technologies, LLC.  LIM is a play on Lear Investment Management, but we use the term “LIM” as a noun, standing for our communication ecosystem, and a verb, the act of sending secure content.

Our goal is to communicate through an environment that is secure, private, user friendly, efficient, and intelligent. Since we could not find a viable option, we created one.



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Official Launch